Filtration Free Store : 9apps

Searching for an app on Google Play Store and yet not getting it, problematic right? But no worries, because here’s a solution that could act as an alternative to Google Play Store and even more. 9apps, is an Android application store that offers high range of apps and other category applications. It has over 97 million users and is used worldwide. 



There are two ways for installing this app. First, is through Google Play Store where a specific amount of money might be required to install the app on Android mobile phones. And the other way is by downloading it through the official site where it is definitely free of cost. 



The aim of this Android application store is to provide almost free applications for downloading and using. There are very specifically categorized headings, buttons, and drop downs for a proper experience. The basic set up includes applications from following fields :-


• Paid apps

• Games

• Ringtones

• Music

• Videos

• Wallpapers

• Others



There are few advantages it has over Google Play Store that makes it a better choice for users to choose from. Some of the benefits are mentioned below :-


• All applications are available here. On Google Play Store there are some set of terms and conditions which if not followed by the application, it is not shown in the store. While there is nothing as such with the former option which provides all applications and mostly under the category of free to download.


• Google sometimes charges a specific amount to allow usage of particular apps and software. It could be either pay to download or in app purchases. But on the other hand, no such requirement is placed forward at the former store. It is more convenient and easy.


• Mobile space is another reason to switch the stores. Google store takes more space as compared to the other store. 9apps store occupied only 3 MB of storage space in the mobile phone which helps in providing space for other apps and applications.


There are ways to get started with it as mentioned :-


• Install the app through the official site :


• Follow the instructions shown to open the app on your Mobile phone.


• Browse or search for new apps or required apps to download.


• The home page of the app consist of clear categories to choose from as per interest and need.


• View separate sections like paid games, ringtones, music, videos, apps etc.


• If needed the apps could be even shared with friends and family.


• The games section is even further sub categorized to arcade, sports, actions, adventure, music, family etc.


• The auto update setting can be used for constant update and modifications over Wi-Fi or personal data, as per needs and availability.



Your tour guide ends over here, all the basic information are now with you and all that is needed more is to explore it through personal experience. It is like a savior for all the app developers whose work gets into conflict with the terms and policies of Google Play Store as they can showcase their work here. 9apps ensures a smooth and memorable experience with proper functioning apps and applications without any doubt of slow processing or APK errors. 

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