Do you know why women sleep more than men?

How many times have you, the reader, made a list in your head of things to solve? And how many times did you organize the agenda while preparing coffee? Or solved family problems on the phone while setting the table? Today, we bring a study that not only explains a woman's ability to do and think a lot of things at the same time but also concludes that they should get some more sleep.


A study by Loughborough University in the United Kingdom found that the more a person uses their brain during the day, the more sleep they need to recover. Research has shown that the female brain works more complexly, that is, it has extra functionality because women perform different tasks alternately with their work (not to mention at the same time).


Taking care of children, solving domestic problems, cleaning and cleaning the house, going to the supermarket, paying for different types of services, taking care of food, etc. And finally, more tasks require more hours of sleep. Jim Horne, the research's creator, explains: 'The more a person uses their brains during the day - and this is the case with women, the more likely they are to do several tasks and have multiple thoughts at the same time - the more hours of sleep they get. need to recover. ' One of the main functions of sleep is to enable the brain to recover and repair. The fact that women's brains work in a more complex way makes them need more time to reach this stage. They only need 20 minutes longer than men to wake up fresh.

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