How Communication and Wordplay Enhances Our Lifestyle?

Why is it important to be kind with our words? Many times, we don't mean what we say, but in the heat of the moment, unexpected words are spelled out, as a result, we even end up regretting it later on. There is no such thing in this world that cannot be said in a polite manner. But many times we choose the other way around, mostly because we take people and time for granted. Once something is said it can't be taken back. Once an hour is passed, it will never return. One should never sleep holding grudges, tomorrow is not promised. We hardly realize the repercussions of our words on anyone else. Life is not certain, so it costs nothing to be kind, no one knows what will happen in the very next moment.


We hardly have any idea of what the person next to us might be going through. He/she might be having a bad day and still gathers the courage to smile. There are a hundred stories hidden behind the face we see, so when we meet people it is not easy to figure out what their real struggles are. So the best way is to choose our words wisely and convey them in a polite and considerate manner. When we choose to react on something in an unpleasant manner it automatically becomes worse, but if we choose to stay positive with both our attitude and words a lot of things change, no matter how worse the situation is. We, humans, have different emotions and moods at different point of time, but it's important that we learn to take control of our emotions or else it's the emotions which takes control of us.





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