5 Beautiful Places Near Mumbai to Visit


Top 5 beautiful places nearby Mumbai. Every person must visit these beautiful places at least 1 time in life:

1. Waghoba waterfall is located in palghar near Mumbai.

2. The distance of the Tungareshwar temple from Mumbai is 50 KM. You can visit this place at any time. But if you want to see the waterfall which is on the way of the temple then please visit this place in monsoon.

3. Global Vipassana Pagoda. You can reach gorai by Best bus form Boriwali west and from gorai you have to take a boat for Esselworld. You can reach pagoda by Bike or Car from Bhayandar.

4. Dabhosa waterfall is located near Jawhar. This waterfall is very beautiful and high. The distance of Vandri lake from Mumbai is 80KM. Water in the lake is very clean.

5. Vajreshwari temple distance from Mumbai is near 70 KM. Vajreshwari is also famous for Hot water Springs. You can visit this place in any season.




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