Chanel, L'Essence - a dazzling variant of Gabrielle

After the launch of Chanel's feminine classic perfume Chance, the band took 14 years to bring the next on the table. In 2017 Chanel, finally launched Gabrielle as the descendent of Chance. Olivier Polge stewed Gabrielle as a fruity and musky floral scent. It was given the face of Kristen Stewart. After two years, the label brings forth its new muse, Essence, which is said to be a more intense version of Gabrielle. The latest scent is quoted as " inspired by the very essence of Gabrielle's radiance." The new variant is a strong, independent more sparkly as of the original. The fruity notes with white floral edges are indulged in Essence just like the original. But the notes then dives in and shine brighter and stronger in this.



From the first note, there is the warmth of white florals which can be sensed right away. The fruity notes built by cassis teamed with a ghost of red fruit and peach. Still, the white florals are dominant in the first note. The heart smells of perfect tuberose. The house of Chanel patiently uses the clean extraction of tuberose, which eliminated the facets of earthiness from the flower and let it sparkle at its brightest. Tuberose is supported with other white florals - jasmine, ylang-ylang. Orange blossoms carve out the fresh in the scent while honey adds its sweetness in.



The structure of this scent lays on the bed of white musks with a hint of vanilla. With the amalgamation of all three notes Essence comes out as a bright, creamy-floral bouquet, with a facet of milky nuances of sandalwood.Essence will be available in the outlets of Chanel house starting from 29 August. It can also be bought through the official site of the brand. The fragrance will be coming in two variants- 50ml for 99 EUR and 100ml for 139 EUR


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