Ready to team up with Will Smith, says Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth said if he is given a chance he would love to work with the original star of mn in a black cast that is will smith and Tommy lee jones. He believes there is a scope for Smith and Jones to return for a future project as their characters Agent J and Agent K are still a part of the MIB universe, about a secret organization that monitors and controls the activities of the alien population on Earth.



"In my mind, these characters can meet at some point of time and cross paths if we are lucky enough to do another one. I did watch the previous films but didn’t ask from Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones about it because I just wanted to do something different and not repeat what they were doing.“Who knows we may team up in the future. Those characters are still in this world. It is not a remake of sorts. There is a larger story, especially Tessa’s character, her back story and her introduction to MIB. Yes, I’m up for doing another one,” Hemsworth, 35, said here during a press conference. “There is always pressure in any character and film we do. I want to be true to the story. And make something which people enjoy and (it is) worthy of them coming (to theatres). For me, any of that fear and anxiety is a great motivator to work hard,” he said.




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