IT: Chapter Two, A Massive Horror Blockbuster!


IT: Chapter 2, Releases Friday

The audience may be in shock still, after the 2017 Stephen King adaptation "IT". This literally haunted down the teens that time. 'IT: Chapter 2' has it's release this Friday. This messy R- rated horror thriller of 2 hours 45 minutes is ready to hit the theatres well.


IT Chapter Two: A Massive Horror Tale

The film is directed by Andie Muscietti. The story deals with the child trauma and loss of innocence ages after the clown is smacked down.  It is the sequel of 2017 super hit "IT". All the grown-up members of the Losers club united here for the final face-off. They reunite reluctantly. The question arises here. Can they face the deadly clown, Pennywise? Will they be able to defeat the dancing clown overcoming all odds?


IT: Chapter Two, Review

The critics have rated the movie with 3.5 stars. The viewers' rating is 3.

The movie begins with a spine chilling crime scene at the slumbered suburb of  Derry (America). This sets the entire plot for a massive showdown. Except for Mike, all the other members of Losers Club have moved to the city. Mike chose to stay as a town librarian at Derry. A phone call from him gets them back to the place from where it actually began. The movie presents an immense connection between the past and present. Anyone, missing its first edition can have a problem to catch up. The flashbacks portraying the teens are indeed the best part.

The collaborations of the terror and horror scenes are totally impressive and the viewers genuinely crave for more.


Staggeringly Good Performances By The Young Stars

The all-around well performance by the young actors has attracted many. Jessica Chastain and James Mcavoy in their respective roles of Bev and Bill are impressive.


Bill Skarsgard Smashes It Off! 

The main antagonist Bill Skarsgard with his devilish counterparts has smacked it off. His scenes with the children are scary and always leaves a shiver in our spine. Some of the scenes, though predictable are still terrifying. Anxiety and tension prevail throughout.

In spite of the messy narration, the sequel is successful in engaging the audience to its massive tale.

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