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The film industry or the Hollywood motion picture industry possesses and it also comprises the most typical type of technology

The business level of commercial institutions and organizations of the film-making task or the process i.e, film and actors.

Although the expense and the cost that is involved in creating films almost and commonly immediately led and the paved way for the film production industry to concentrate only and seriously under the auspices of creating the production companies.

Also including, some kind of advances in also the category of affordable film making devices, as well as a wide expanse of the film opportunities to gain the correct investment capital from outside the sector of the film industry itself, have all allowed separate and independent film productions to emerge and evolve.

Some Challenges the Holly Wood Industries Face: 

The stock market of Holly Wood crash and down of the year 1929 emerged at a particularly difficult and awkward moment for the Hollywood movie studios got caught in the working and process of making money and financing the evolution and transition from being silent to creating talking pictures.

Initially, the well known, renowned and the popular kind of royal and novelty of film sounds were all just enough to keep and maintain the audiences coming to the English movies, and moviegoers in 1930 actually outnumbered those in 1929.

But also by the year of 1931 the fim attendance attendance had dropped and moved down, and the Hollywood lost millions of money in dollars over the next several years.

The Holly Wood movie industry cut the salaries and the expense of production costs lowered admission prices and closed up to a third of the nation's theaters.

Despite the steady popular demand on the movie entertainment and escape, the Hollywood appeared far from Depression-proof.

Desperate to lure audiences were back into theaters, the motion picture industry experimented with new genres, themes, and subject matter.

Hollywood's own financial depression conclusively ended by the year 1934, but not just before the film industry had checked and tested the boundaries of cultural acceptability in its drive to win over moviegoers wracked by social dislocation.


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