World Milk Day: Know all Breastfeeding “Facts and Myths”

World Milk Day is observed every year on June 1 to promote hygiene of the milk products and provide information about the use of milk to large number of people. This year the theme of the World Milk Day is “Drink Milk: Today and Everyday”. Milk is the first food that a child gets in life. There is no substitute of milk when a baby is born. Thus, milk can be said to be the life giver. The yellowish thick milk on which the baby is fed upon is called colostrums. Colostrum is rich in antibodies that help the baby to maintain the body immunity. Thus, colostrum is really beneficial for the baby. Milk is important for everyone’s health and thus the consumption of milk must be pure and prevented from germs.


This World Milk Day, it’s very important to make women aware about breastfeeding in today’s time .There are many working women who don’t find time to breastfeed their baby or there are even those women who find it unhealthy for the baby or think this would not maintain their (mother’s) figure. But, this is the time to make mothers realize that breastfeeding is important for the baby’s health. Breast milk makes the baby strong and builds the immunity.


Some of the Breastfeeding myths and facts are:


Breastfeeding Myth: The biggest fear among women is that they will lose the shape of their breasts if the breastfeed.

Breastfeeding fact: But the medical experts suggest that nursing has the least impact on the breasts compared to aging, weight and gravity.


Breastfeeding myth: If you are nursing your child less frequently, the milk will dry up.

Breastfeeding fact: Technically the milk ducts produce the right amount of milk needed for the child. If you breastfeed frequently, the supply will be greater. The same goes for babies who are nursed occasionally. Babies are fed with the right amount of milk. It’s just if you less breastfeed the baby, it is likely the baby gets in practice of the pacifier or bottle and therefore doesn’t long for the breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding myth: It is important to teach a child how to hold the bottle and be independent.

Breastfeeding fact: There are several reasons why mothers opt for bottle. But it’s advisable to offer the bottle at later stages. Commonly after 6 weeks.

Breastfeeding myth: It is okay for the baby to consume formula milk as it is better than breast milk with added nutrients.

Breastfeeding fact: Even the best formula for your baby may not contain antibodies, living cells, enzymes or hormones. Granted these formula foods contain more aluminum, manganese, cadmium, lead and iron than breast milk; this is why a combination of breast milk and formula milk at different feeding times might work. Each baby is different and has varying nutrient requirements.

Breastfeeding myth: Brestfeeding leads mother to be choosy while eating food.

Breastfeeding fact:  One must have a balanced diet. It is not that one must go a lot choosy over eating or eat for two. While breastfeeding the baby, it is very important the mother should eat healthy food so that it is good for both the baby and mother.

Breastfeeding myth: You need to immediately stop breastfeeding if you feel sick.

Breastfeeding fact: Before the symptoms have shown, you may have already transferred the infection to the baby. There are chances you contracted the illness from your baby, hence continue breastfeeding your child as this is the best coverage for them. Even when the baby is sick or is suffering from any disease, s/he must then also be breast fed because there is no other way that will make your baby fit and healthy other than breast milk.

So, this milk day drink good and pure milk to stay healthy and keep your child fit.


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