Want a perfect white-teeth smile? These 6 natural ways will make your teeth whiter


Have your teeth lost it bright white sparkle? Have they become dull and Lose? Do you hide your teeth while getting clicked? Don’t worry we bring to you some natural ways to make your teeth look whiter and have a brighter smile. Paying a huge amount of money for whiter looking teeth is not an issue for most of us. The solution to this problem is actually in our refrigerator and kitchen. So, use these products and keep your money in your pocket. Once you try them, your teeth will look as good as new.


1.Baking Soda credit: third party image reference One of the most popular ingredients in any commercial toothpaste is baking soda, as it has natural whitening properties. Surface stains on the teeth can be easily scrubbed away by this mild abrasive. Also, an alkaline environment is created in your mouth by baking soda, which inhibits the growth of bacteria. The difference in the color of your teeth should be visible over time.


2. Strawberries credit: third party image reference Baking Soda and strawberry form a powerful, natural remedy to whiten your teeth. A lot of celebrities have made this method popular. Strawberries are useful in eliminating yellow plaque marks from the outer surface of your teeth.


3. Apple credit: third party image reference An Apple a day not only keeps the doctor but also the dentist away. Some studies have shown that chewing an apple has the same effect as brushing your teeth.


4. Oil Pulling credit: third party image reference Oil Pulling is a long-established Indian method to remove toxins and improve oral hygiene. Bacteria are removed by swishing oil around in your mouth. Sesame or sunflower oil is generally preferred for this practice. A pleasant choice is coconut oil because of its pleasant taste.


5. Hydrogen Peroxide credit: third party image reference A natural bleaching agent, Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to kill bacteria in your mouth. It is already a part of a lot of commercial whitening products. Toothpaste containing 1%hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can lead to notably whiter teeth. 6. Salt credit: third party image reference Salt is already an important ingredient of commercial toothpaste. It’s simply because of its ability to yellow marks from your teeth. Combine it with baking soda and gently rub it over your teeth.

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