Top 5 Most Mysterious Place In The World

1. The Bermuda Triangle: Tales of missed sailors and missing boats, abandoned aircraft, and even vanished beings have emerged from the seas of the Bermuda Triangle for centuries. The vast region of more than a quarter a million square miles is also regarded as the Devil's Triangle, and concepts as to why so many tourists are abounding sick of its grips. Visiting the region today can be much more enjoyable than you might believe, with Turks and Caicos ' sun-splashed coasts beckoning in the west and Bermuda's coves in the west.


2. Crooked Forest, Poland: Just north of the unpronounceable town of Szczecin on the remote western haunch of Poland, a stone's drop west of the German frontier, a tiny clutch of just over 400 pine trees have been attracting the gaze of Atlas Obscura kinds and off-the-beaten-track travelers for years. The whole forest tends to be tipped over almost 90 degrees at the base, before curling away directly and growing again.


3. Bhangarh Fort, India: Enveloped by the rises of the Aravali Hills and baked by the Rajasthani sun, the old bulwarks of the Bhangarh Fort are said to echo with the ethereal presence of one cursed princess and her fancy captor, the wizard Sinha. It is said that Sinha tried to snare the young royal by offering her a love potion.


4. Eternal Flame Falls, United States: Enter the sweeping hiking paths that cross the Chestnut Ridge Park and explore Shale Creek's secret wonder. This fascinating natural phenomenon, properly called Eternal Flame Falls, is a true mystery to behold. Why? Well, because it continues to merge in one place two of the most elementary powers on Earth–that's why! First, you will see the magnificent falls themselves, cascading over layers of chiseled granite rock. Then comes the flame that can be seen flicking behind cataracts. It never goes out, and scientists say the conflagration is created by the presence of natural gas flowing from the underground.


5. Stonehenge, England: Set nestled in the center of the verdant plains of south-central England, where Salisbury Plain arises in highs and troughs of heat from the tree trees, Stonehenge has soon oozed secret and magic. Created approximately 5,000 years earlier, this linear conglomeration of enormous megalith stones is believed to have been built of distinctive bluestone fabric that could only have been quarried from Preseli.





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