How Song Preferences Of A Person Can Tell A Lot About Them

How Song Preferences Of A Person Can Tell A Lot About Them


Everyone likes listening to songs. Songs are a combination of vocals and instrumental. Songs have always been loved by teenagers as they can relate to most of the lyrics and also enjoy their preferred genre. Songs have been around for a long time. Classical music such as Beethoven, Mozart are still prevalent in this generation.


Songs are a major part of a person’s life. They can be listened to in one’s free time or when they are doing some tasks like studying, doing chores, etc. Even while sleeping, people listen to calm, soothing music that is pleasing to their ears. There are many different genres of music like pop, rock, EDM, jazz, folk, country, etc. These genres have different types of instruments. Genre is basically decided on the type of musical instruments that are being used and how the instrumental sounds like. 


Lyrics play an important role as well. Song lyrics can sometimes be so meaningful that teenagers can relate to it and listen to it whenever they feel depressed or down. Lyrics can be of any situation. It can be about love or about life in general. But some songs have many references and subliminal messages. Music videos are used to depict the scenario that the song is talking about. It can be either shown directly or indirectly through a metaphor.


A person listening to a particular song genre can tell a lot about them. Things like their personality, taste in music, their attitude towards life, their habits, their thought process, etc. Generally, intellectual people prefer songs with deep meanings and which are centered around life in general. Then teenagers prefer song genres like EDM which is also called Electronic Dance Music in which there are minimal lyrics and more instrumental music which is basically computerized music. Teens prefer this type of music because it matches their preferences and the beats are enjoyable. People also like love songs that depict relationships/breakups and all sorts of things. They like this because they have gone through that phase themselves. They also listen to romantic songs thinking about their crush or their significant other. This gives them a feeling of pleasure and calmness. Some people also listen to motivational or uplifting music when they feel unproductive or lost in life. There are also people who listen to depressing songs with lyrics that are dark because they might be going through a tough phase.




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