Sleeping on a pillow may be harmful to you

Sleeping is very important for our health and whether or not it is beneficial to put a pillow at bedtime, let us tell you the truth of what is there. Most people put a pillow at bedtime, while some people are without pillow, thick or thin pillow can give you many serious health problems.


The body does not get rest: There is also more pressure on the head. This may cause cervical spondylitis. In such a situation, the neck and spine do not remain in a line, due to which the problem of neck pain can occur.


If the pillow is too thick, then the neck is bent towards the chin. This can cause a problem with snoring. When the pillow is very thin, the windpipe is closed a little, which causes snoring. Many people do not wash the pillow covers for a long time and use it, which causes bacteria. This can cause pimples on the face. Apart from this, it can give many other diseases.


Using a thicker pillow does not make the circulation of blood correct. In such a situation, there may be problems related to skin and stomach.

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