How plastic can be converted into useful things

Here are four innovative ways of how people are reusing plastic instead of throwing it away

1) Making fishing boat - Discarded bottles are turned into boats in Cameroon. At first, fishermen laughed as it was a joke but now they say that plastic boats are safer a strong than the normal. And are a good way to stop water clogging.

2)Building homes from refugees -Plastic bottles are filled with straw and sand, the bottles are used for building a circular home for refugee in deserts. Then covered them with cement and paint it with white color for protecting it with heat and storm. 

3) Building a road - The Netherland and India are building roads out of plastic waste bottles. These roads can last 3 times longer than the normal. And Dutch road can still be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

4)Making eco bricks - An eco-brick is a plastic bottle packed with plastic to a set density to create a reusable building block for making furniture and garden 


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