Mudra Which Helps to Balance the Element of Earth and Fire | Prithvi & Agni Mudra

Our Indian culture is the culture that always believed in living a peaceful and productive life. Our saints, guru do meditation, practice yoga, mudra, read scriptures to get peace of mind. So, to live a peaceful life we are not required to follow everything they do but we can balance elements of our body through mudras.


Prithvi Mudra: This mudra itself denotes that it is the gesture of earth and it balances the element of earth. The ring finger is involved in performing this mudra. Is there anyone who wants flaws? Today cosmetic companies are making a profit because most of us are attracted to flawless skin. So, this mudra is best for everyone who desires to get such skin. This mudra helps in getting glowing skin because it improves blood circulation in our body which ultimately results in getting glowing skin. The person who is trying hard to meditate but ends up with nothing. So, such individuals should perform this mudra because it helps in getting more patience while meditation. As a result of which the individual can concentrate properly and can tolerate even more. This mudra also helps in strengthening weak bones and the individual gets an overall healthy body and mind.


Agni Mudra: This mudra denotes the gesture of fire and balances elements of fire in our body. Our ancestors always give us the advice to get up early in the morning and then do some physical work. Probably they were right because we are also required to perform this mantra early in the morning with an empty stomach and this mantra can only be performed if the person is in the sitting position. Most of the people are suffering from obesity but this mantra helps in controlling obesity and reduces extra fat around the belly. It also helps in improving the digestive system, body strength, and boosts metabolism.

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