Pedal the Health: Benefits of Cycling | World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day is observed every year on June 3 and helps people to know what cycling means to their health. There was a time where people moved from one place to another on bicycles but then times moved on and led people switch from bicycle to cars and now big vehicles. Now, if we see in big cities, each home not only has one car but no. of them. These cars are not only polluting the environment as they are run on fuel but they are also giving way to your ailing health. The ailments caused by these pollutants are causing some serious health issues. This World Bicycle Day, pedal to achieve good health. Some of the health benefits of cycling are:



  • Pedaling pushes oxygen depleted blood into lungs, dumping off carbon dioxide in exchange of fresh oxygen which then goes back into heart causing inflation.
  • Greater oxygen exchange. It helps to use more lung space.
  • As you ride the cycle, your lungs move into greater work of oxygen exchange which leads to the abs springing in action.
  • While pedaling, diaphragm pulls in more air.
  • Respiratory muscles get stronger and stronger with regular cycling.


  • Cycling helps the bones to a great extent. It helps in joint mobility and acts as the cycling chain between the joints.
  • Gives a proper shape to bones at tender age and helps in improving posture.
  • Strengthens bones.
  • Riding a cycle is the most ideal exercise for osteoarthritis.
  • Cycling is a low impact exercise that places less stress over joints.
  • It helps in improving bone co-ordination.


  • Regular cycling stimulates and improves heart health and circulation.
  • It helps in smooth transportation of blood to various organs.
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Strengthens the heart muscles, lowers resting pulse and reduces blood fat levels.
  • Regular cycling protects largely from heart disease.


  • It acts as a fertilizer for the brain.
  • Pedaling helps in building sharper memory skills and higher concentration levels.
  • It gives mental fitness.
  • Relieves anxiety and increase stress resistance.


Thus, cycling is a very good exercise that will make you fit, healthy and stay motivated. Cycling is a good way to maintain your heart health and stay younger for cycling helps in full body movement. Along with health benefits, its environment friendly and in the days where environment health is depleting, it is our duty to save it and ride on cycle to keep our body fit and environment healthy.


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