The Reason Behind the Extinction of Smooth Handfish | Sympterichthys Unipennis | Flora And Fauna

Smooth handfish (Sympterichthys unipennis) was rare and weird with bulging eyes, a mohawk like fun in its head. 200 years ago, this fish was abundantly available in Australia but According to the National Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), this fish has vanished but this isn't the only crestfallen news as only 13 handfish specifics are alive with the extinction of the smooth handfish. According to Scientific American, Handfish are the relatives of deep anglerfish. According to the report of Fauna and Flora International (FFI), handfish give birth to juveniles on the seafloor. The extinction of smooth handfish is the matter to worry about.


These handfish are homebodies and don't have a big habitat. So, if we disturb their areas and exploit them then they have no other place to go as they spend most of the time on the sea bed and they never change the location as they're not able to disperse to the new place because handfish are born on the seafloor and they lack a larval stage. Graham Edgar, a marine ecologist at the University of Tasmania said that handfish mostly spend their time sitting on the seabed and they never change their location as a result of which they are vulnerable to threat. Humans are held liable for the extinction of smooth handfish they are not able to cope up with the disturbance created by humans. Rest in peace, smooth handfish. May you forgive all of us for our evil actions.





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