Mudra which Denotes the Gesture of Air and Emptiness | Vayu & Shunya Mudra

Mudra helps in balancing the elements of our body and helps in getting a healthy body without doing physical exercise. One cannot be able to live peacefully if they are having a fight and struggle with their own thoughts and feelings. Our body is made up of five natural elements such as water, earth, space, air, fire and there must be a balance among them then only we can live happily.


Vayu Mudra: This mudra denotes itself that it's a gesture of air and an index finger and thumb are used to perform this mudra. It balances the air elements of our bodies. If someone is suffering from restlessness, nervousness, uneasy mind, or any other such problems then this mudra will help the individual for sure. If the person is having chest pain then it's common that it is due to excess air so this mantra also helps in reducing the pain by releasing the excess air from the body which ultimately helps to get rid of the pain. The individual is required to be kind towards the body and practice mantra with compassion and love towards the body. It is also helpful for paralysis and neck disorder. It basically balances the air in the body and reduces the no. of disease and irregularities which occur due to imbalance of air. But one must perform this mantra on a regular basis otherwise it won't work for them. A person must person this mantra for 30 to 40 minutes. 


Shunya Mudra: Shunya Mudra is also known as heaven mudra as it literally means a gesture of emptiness. Emptiness itself denotes it's about space. So, the Middle finger is required to do this mudra. We often think meditation is too boring and we struggle while doing meditation. But this mantra helps in meditation. If someone is performing this mudra then ultimately he/she won't struggle as well as it helps in improving hearing and reduces ear pain. If anyone is having problems in their eyes such as watering of eyes then this will also help them. One who performs this mudra won't have any heart disease as it opens the heart chakra. It also helps in strengthening the bones. Ultimately one can get everything but he needs to perform the mantra 30 to 40 minutes on a regular basis.





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