Lemon Dissolves Fats & Gives Good Shape to the Body


The first of all the good things in our country is the fruit- lemon fruit. It is the most abundant fruit in the world. Today there are 60 varieties of lemons. Of these, we use only two. One is country lemon and the other is flag lemon. It depends on the type of lumber. This fruit has different names in different regions. In Telugu- Nimmapandu, in Kerala- Lemon Desikkai, in the North- Nimbu, in English- Lemon. The fruit is also used in cooking, medicine, and for auspicious purposes.


It is high in copper and is used for healing and magical purposes. Lemon is good medicine to cure many diseases that afflict us. Lemon is also a powerful fruit that cures diseases at a low cost and is a fruit with a lot of nutrients at a low price. Drinking lemon juice is used to reduce body weight, give health to the body, give a lot of benefits to the skin and hair, and remove stains on clothes and utensils. Lemons are unique in that they quench the thirst of summer.




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