If anyone wants to look good, they should meet Dr. Vaidehi Newaskar says actor Arushi Talwar


Film and television actor Arushi Talwar (Actor and Dubbing Artist), who has featured in many ads’ and is currently doing a web series for Netflix being produced by Red Chilies Entertainment, has praised Dermatologist Dr. Vaidehi Newaskar by saying that if anyone wants to look good then, they should definitely consult with well-known doctor of Mumbai. He added that her approach towards her patients is outstanding and getting treatment from her worth time, money and effort.


Arushi Talwar was interacting with the media along with Akash Dhar and Dr. Vaidehi Newaskar on Wednesday in Mumbai.


Sharing her experience after consulting Dr. Newaskar, Arushi said, “She is very warm and gentle. She explained to me the skin type, maintenance tips and simple approach to skincare, it was outstanding. I am not much into cosmetics but her tips and approach has definitely impacted me and now I know more conscious about skincare than earlier. If someone wants to look good, they should definitely meet her. She is worth the time, money and effort.”


Actor Akash Dhar, noted for his stellar performances in films like ‘Game’, ‘Chakavyuh’, ‘Kaanchi’ and ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’, also endorses the reliability of the skin specialist. He said, “I must say, her approach and her line of treatment are incredible. She asks questions to ascertain your problem and then treat it properly. She is warm, kind and approachable. I thought the treatment would cost me a fortune, but to my surprise, it was affordable”.


Dr. Vaidehi caters to a wide variety of patients, ranging from high-end celebrity clients to commoners. She is well known for creating comprehensive and personalized treatments for patients with diverse skin types and concerns across all ages and genders.


Talking about her work, Dr. Vaidehi said, “See. Skin-Care is not all that difficult but there is so much wrong information and bad product promotion that people end up using the wrong kind of treatment on the wrong skin type or wrong ailment. Cosmetics are expensive, treatment even more so; I am trying to make it affordable, approachable and most important reliable”.


“I treat patients with warmth and affection. It is my professional and personal belief that little bit of warmth and friendliness always bring harmony between patient and doctor. The more the patient is comfortable, the easier it would be for us to understand his/her problem and offer a comprehensive treatment.” added Dr. Newaskar.


Ranked among the best Dermatologists in Mumbai, Dr. Vaidehi Newaskar began her career from Sion Hospital, Mumbai.


Her services ranges from clinical dermatology to aesthetic treatments, from Botox, Fillers, Acne, Age Spots, Blackheads, Crow’s Feet, Dull Skin, laser for Unwanted Hair, Forehead Lines, Ingrown Hair, Jowls Treatment, Lumps and Bumps, corrective surgery to simple skin-care, her command and result in her profession are noted across.

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