7 Amazing Health Benefits of Frankincense Oil


Although not as popular as other essential oils, frankincense oil has benefits that are no less amazing. This oil is made from the sap of the Boswellia tree and has an aroma that Indonesians call incense. In traditional Indian medicine, the health benefits of frankincense essential oil have been documented for hundreds of years. Apart from being frequently used in aromatherapy, this oil also has the potential to fight cancer


Here are some of the health benefits of frankincense oil that you can get:-

1. Relieves stress and negative emotions Incense oil has anti-anxiety properties so when inhaled it can slow down the heart rate and lower the high blood pressure associated with the problem. As aromatherapy, this oil can help you relieve stress and other negative emotions.


2. Relieves arthritis Terpene and boswellic acid are the strongest anti-inflammatory compounds in frankincense oil. According to a study, this essential oil has anti-inflammatory effects that can help reduce joint inflammation due to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers believe that this oil can prevent the release of leukotrienes, which can cause inflammation. However, more research is still needed to prove this.


3. Increase immunity A research shows that frankincense oil has immune-boosting properties that can help destroy bacteria, viruses, and even cancer cells. This oil even exhibits strong immunostimulatory activity so as to be stimulating the immune system and prevent various diseases from infecting the body.


4. Improve intestinal function The anti-inflammatory properties of frankincense oil can also help improve bowel function so that it can work properly. This property is even effective in reducing the symptoms of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. In a small study in people with Crohn's disease, frankincense extract is as effective as the drug mesalazine in reducing symptoms of the disease. However, this benefit is only limited to small studies, so more research is needed to prove it, especially on a larger scale.


5. Prevent signs of aging Frankincense essential oil can preventing of aging by strengthening the skin, improving skin tone and elasticity, protecting the skin against bacteria and blemishes, and improving the appearance of the skin with age. In addition, this oil can also help reduce scars and snares, as well as heal wounds.


6. Improve oral health Frankincense oil can help prevent bad breath, toothache, cavities, and mouth sores. The boswellic acid contained in it has strong antibacterial properties that can prevent and treat oral infections. However, more research in humans is needed to prove this benefit.


7. Potential against cancer Another equally important benefit of frankincense essential oil is its potential to fight cancer. The boswellic acid in this essential oil is thought to help prevent cancer cells from spreading. A study review test tubes noted that boswellic acid could also prevent DNA formation in cancer cells thus limiting cancer growth. This oil is believed to fight breast, prostate, pancreatic, skin, and colon cancer cells. However, more human studies are needed to truly prove their potential.




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