Domestic Violence can effect Women's Health

Domestic Violence can effect Women's Health.


On INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S HEALTH DAY,  the Doctors has suggested that the mental stress due to Gender based descrimination impacts many things like Nutritional status, Psychological well-being, etc. Experts also point out that the root cause of many illness that a women suffers from how she is treated at home. A Gynaecologists from Pune shared a case study where in the violence implicated upon a women, manifested herself a different health issues. 


While talking about Sunanda, a 32 year old surviour of domestic violence manifested a lot of health issues like she was having irregular manstural cycle, malnutrition, back pain and depression. 


Womens health refers to the branch of medicines that focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and condition that affect womens physical and emotional well-being. Health is an important factor that contributes to physical well-being and economic growth. 


So, On Today we request you to stop DOMESTIC VIOLENCE because that can effect physical well-being.

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