Control your anger before anger controls you

Anger is a normal feeling, and also a positive emotion. It is neither good nor bad.  It is an emotion which is an antagonism toward someone or something that has done sometime thing wrong. Anger can become a great problem when it leads to aggression. It is important to control anger because it would avoid you from saying something or doing something you would regret.  


Effect of Anger:

Anger though a positive symptom has many ill effects on health. It has serious consequences on:


a) Physical Health: High stress and anger may lead to heart diseases, weak immune systems, high blood pressure, insomnia and many more.


b) Mental Health: Anger diverts you from your normal life. It makes you hard to concentrate. It also leads to stress, depression and other mental problems.


c) Work: Anger diverts you from your work. It does not help you to concentrate and makes you work more irritating.


Tips to Control Anger

To manage anger is important. It is important to control anger before anger control you. Few tips to control anger are:


a) Countdown:

     Count down up to 10 or even up to 100 if you are mad at something. Counting down will eventually reduces heart rate and the anger will subsequently come down. 


b) Take a deep breath:

      Breath speeds up and becomes shallower when you become angry. Taking deep breaths to reverse the anger or even lower the anger. The breathing pattern should be slow and must inhale through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth.


c) Try to learn and repeat mantras

     Repeating the words or mantras continuously would help to reduce the temper. There are few words which would help to boost up positivity. Few words like ‘relax’, ‘you can do it’, ‘everything happens for highest good’, ‘take it easy’, ‘everything will be fine’ would help to relax and mind would fill with positive thoughts. This also can divert you from the thoughts which made you angry.


d) Relax your muscles:

      Relaxing muscles by slow walks and stretching helps to control anger. When you are angry to go for a walk or practice some easy exercises like neck roll or shoulder roll. You could also go to the gym or even dance to your favourite songs. All these are easy yoga-like movements which would help to control emotions. Muscle relaxations have proven to reduce anger.


e) Listen to songs:

        Song excites the mind and carries your anger away. When you are angry put on earphones and play your favourite music. Play your favourite music and push kick out the anger from your head.


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