Travel as Education!

Travel is an important means of knowledge and education. It is a source of education to all in general and to the youth in particular. It is a practical education about the geography’ history' culture’ styles of livingnational integration’ customs' languages etc.-all rolled into one. During the travel, a person visits various historical places' meets people of different regions, faith’s customs, and languages. He comes across various geographical landmarks like famous rivers, mountains, seashore, etc. Travel also gives pleasure and joy and brings a welcome change in routine life. It provides us with an opportunity to escape from our too familiar and stale environment and takes us to new, interesting and exciting places and thereby increases our knowledge about people and things. Then we realize how our wonderful earth is full of beauty, attractions, novelties, variety, and diversity.


During the travel, we eat different types of foods, enjoy different types of climates, and exchange ideas and experiences with many different types of people. We read about places, people and things in the books? magazines and newspapers and they provide us with second rate knowledge. But when we visit these places, meet these people, it is first-hand knowledge, q practical and unforgettable experience. The impressions and images received during the journey become permanent. Travel as a means of education, enlightenment, enrichment, and knowledge is matchless. It makes our vision broad, global, and more humane. Today the fast means of traveling have made it very easy. We can travel by bus, car, train or airplanes. We can visit places of cycle or motorcycle. Traveling on foot has its won charm and adventures. One can choose his or her won mene of traveling accordingly. Trekking in the mountains, through the forests, etc. Has its won charm, experience, and adventures. It helps us to sharpen our skills of observation, analysis, facing dangers successfully.





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