Cancer patients should be vaccinated without delay: Doctors

As Covid-19 can infect the lungs and invite severe respiratory failure, people with lung cancer are at greater risk of contracting the infection, as lung function has already deteriorated, said Dr. Suhas Agre.

Having Cancer can increase your chances of serious illness from COVID-19. Therefore, vaccination is necessary.

People living with Cancer are at huge risk of Covid-19, leading to high morbidity and mortality. According to a report by ICMR and the National Center for Disease Informatics and Research in Bengaluru, India, the number of cancer cases in men is estimated to be 6,79,421 by 2020 and could reach 7,63,575 by 2025. Among women, the number of cases reported an estimated 7,12,758 by 2020 and could reach 8,06,218 by 2025. Breast cancer (2,38,908) is supposed to be the most typical Cancer by 2025, accompanied by lung cancer (1,11,328) and oral (90,060).

gnorance, late delivery, and a lack of timely treatment have made Cancer the most feared disease globally. Many cancer patients also avoid treatment during an epidemic, experts say.
Those taking chemotherapy have lowered their blood count, have a strong immune system, and are at risk of contracting Covid-19, said Dr. Suhas Agre.


"Cancer tends to suppress the immune system, and many cancer patients are getting older which is dangerous for Covid. Since Covid-19 can cause lung damage and invite severe respiratory failure, people with lung cancer are at an increased risk of developing Covid infection, as their lung function is already at risk. Not only that, some advanced cancers also affect the body's function, such as the function of the lungs or kidneys. With the loss of body parts, people are finding it harder to fight Covid infection," he said.

Why is taking a vaccine necessary?

Speaking about the fear surrounding taking a jab, Dr. Tanveer Abdul Majeed, a cancer specialist at Zen Multispeciality Hospital, said, "There is a lot of fear in the minds of cancer patients with corona vaccine. But vaccines are much safer. Therefore, vaccination should be done on time without fear."
Many experts recommend vaccination as the vaccine is safe to use, even though the level of protection expected in cancer patients may be lower than most people, adds Dr. Agre.

Doctors also point out that in addition to the dismissal, Covid should be disciplined.

"Clean your palms often or use a hand sanitizer, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Keep a safe distance and disinfect areas that are often exposed. Don't go to crowded places and stay away from sick people. Contact your doctor about teleconsultation and just go out for a visit to the hospital but make sure individual care. Stay working at home also do low-impact exercises like walking or aerobics, according to your doctor's recommendation. Eat meals that include all the necessary nutrients, and avoid junk, fatty, spicy, processed, and canned foods. Do not booze alcohol or smoke, and get a good night's sleep to avoid stress," says Dr. Agre

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