Amazing Benefits Of Eating Dates Daily

You would be surprised to know that dates have been a part of the human diet since 7000 BC. It is a favourite snack and dessert choice, especially in the Middle East. This love for dates might not be unconnected to the many nutrients dates pack and the healthy benefits accruable. These benefits include aiding blood flow and boosting skin health. Dates are sweet and there is a high chance of gorging on them. Dates are sweet and there is a high chance of gorging on them. However, like the title of this article suggests, for maximum effect, taking three dates daily is the best. Dates are found on date palm trees which grow in the tropical areas of the world. There are two forms in which the sweet and chewy fruit can be had: dried and fresh, with both having their own benefits.


Benefits of eating 3 dates daily:-

Cures Constipation:-Dates are extremely good sources of fibre. Eating an adequate amount of it daily makes your stool softer and improves the excretory system of your body. The pulps of dates also improve the gastrointestinal transits which ultimately help in preventing cancers and digestive failures. To quantify, about 20-30 grams of fibre intake is appropriate for your body.


Regulates cholesterol:-Obesity is a global epidemic now what with the poor dieting, the absence of an exercise culture, stress-filled days etc. Do not despair as there are ways to roll back, or counter, the high cholesterol content these poor lifestyle decisions lead to. With a daily intake of 2-3 dates, you can effectively regulate your cholesterol level. Dates have no cholesterol whatsoever but contain an immense amount of iron and fibre.


Improve bone quality:-As we grow older, the bones become less strong, more brittle and we also heal slower. You can stave off this degeneration with dates as they air general bone health. This is because it contains nutrients and minerals like potassium, magnesium and Vitamin K which are essential for good bone health and preventing diseases like osteoporosis. Eat the dates raw just before bed.


Regulates blood pressure:-What lowers down blood pressure? Food items with a proper amount of potassium in it. As mentioned, dates are highly incorporative of good elements like potassium (167 mg in one date to be precise) and magnesium. Magnesium helps in relaxing your blood vessels which in turn regulate the blood flow thus constantly maintaining the blood pressure.


For healthy weight gain:-Trying to gain a little bodyweight? Forget the best-selling supplements in the market and say hello to dates. What's more, they are not hard to find. Research has shown that people who eat dates daily are 30% more likely to gain a healthy amount of weight.


Makes the skin soft and supple:- The presence of Vitamin K and Vitamin C in dates play a key role in this. Both vitamins make the skin soft and supple.


How To Take Dates:-

- Remove the pits and eat as snacks.

- Dates can also be mixed in with your breakfast cereal.

- Mix them up in your milk.

Apart from this, there are a whole lot of recipes available on the internet that dates as an important ingredient. Bear in mind that dried dates have twice the amount of carbohydrates available in fresh dates. Therefore, you must choose according to your own body (and health) requirements. While selecting your dates, make sure that they are slightly wrinkled but are not hard to touch at the same time.




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