Is Belly Massage Helpful in Reducing Belly Fat?

Even after constant exercise and diet, if you are troubled by your hanging stomach, then you must be looking for something to get rid of love hands. We can understand, whether wearing a sari or jeans, love handles seem the ugliest. So try massaging this part of your stomach once. Yes, don't be surprised, this formula works. If not sure, then learn more about it in detail.


Why abdominal massage is beneficial

Massage is actually a part of Naturopathy. Which has been incorporated into many ancient medical practices. In India, after delivery, the new mother's body is massaged, so that she can feel more healthy. The trained midwife massages the abdomen of the mother or new mother in a special way, so that she can correct digestive problems and changes in the shape of the stomach.


According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), massage therapy is helpful in improving your physical, mental, and overall health.


Is belly massage helpful in reducing belly fat?

An enlarged stomach or a hanging belly is actually due to three reasons.

- The first is when you are experiencing digestive problems.

- The second when there is too much fat on your stomach.

- The third when your fat is reduced after the workout and the skin of the stomach hangs.



Abdominal massage can solve all three problems. For this, all you have to do is massage this part of the abdomen properly. This time for fitness, Malaika Arora has shared 5 Benefits of King Pigeon Pose.


How to do belly massage to reduce belly fat:

1. First lie back on a flat place.

2. Make sure you are feeling relaxed and not stressed.

3. Rub the palms of both your hands for about 30 seconds so that they are warm.

4. Now apply any oil you want to use on your palms. For this, you can also use olive, almond, sesame oil, and desi ghee.

5. To massage your entire belly, turn the palms of your hand round the clockwise abdomen.

6. Then massage down from the chest to the center of the stomach.

7. Massage slowly in the lower left side of the stomach.

8. Repeat the same process on the right side of the stomach.

9. Now press your navel gently with your fingers.

10. Rotate clockwise around the navel. Make sure your fingers are making circles from inside to outside.

11. You know yourself better than anyone. Massage the abdomen on which you feel necessary, giving extra pressure to the fingers.

12. This entire process will take about 20 minutes. Of course, after that, you will feel relax.


*Keep in mind: If you are pregnant, have recently become a mother, or are struggling with some other abdominal condition, then do an abdominal massage only after the advice of your doctor


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