Are Teenage Years Really The Best Years Of A Person’s Life?

Are 'Teenage Years' Really The Best Years Of A Person’s Life?

We have all heard quotes saying that “Teenage years are the best years of a person’s life” but is that really true? Do most teens suffer from depression?


Teenagers are people between ages 16-19. The statement is only partly true. Teenage life is really great in terms of socializing, hanging out with friends, partying till late nights, going on dates, etc. In the teenage years, a person learns a lot about themselves and about life. As they attend educational institutions like schools & colleges they meet different people there with different personalities. They learn how to interact with their peers and also how to make friends. They also experience things like betrayal, bullying, etc from which they learn to be strong and stand up for themselves. The positive side is that they get overall experience in everything which is a vital part of one’s life. This sum it up teenage years are about friendship, trust, love, and life experiences. Once the teenage years are lost, we cannot have them back because then we would have started working and will have responsibilities like marrying and starting a family.


The dark side of teenage years is depression, studies pressure, failure, breakups, suicidal thoughts, etc. The most common trait in teens is depression. Statistics show that a lot of teenagers experience depression. This may be due to a lot of things. Things such as parental pressure, a friend’s bad influences, child abuse, study pressure, etc. Depression can make a person become someone he never was or never wishes to be. Depression is something that can lead a person to take wrong steps that he would have never thought about. Depression can also be about future worries. Teenagers should understand that they should not keep things to themselves. They should always share their problems and worries with their parents or close friends in order to find a solution to it. Otherwise, they will suppress their feelings and then go astray. If the situations get worse then they should consult a good therapist who can look into the problem of the person and try to find solutions. 


In conclusion, the teenage years are a great part of life but they can be stressful sometimes. They should be supportive of their friends and peers and should not influence their friends to get into bad habits such as smoking, drinking, etc.




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