Anger and Violence : The Difference | Emotions

Anger is a backlash to our day to day problems and bearings, which are most of the time involuntary. In order, we lose our senses in which we ignore the extent to which it can hurt a person. Some steps we take in that particular heat of the moment can have a great impact on lives both in the present and future. This can shatter a soul, disrupt the psychic balance of both the parties - one who has been impulsive with their actions and the other person who suffered it.


What is the worse thing have you done when you lost your control?

Different people might have different answers to it but there's no limit to which anger can drive a person to. Psychology tells us the function of the body and mind is connected. Healthier the mind, the more healthy and clean our body will be. Anger stops our ability to think and judge rationally between right and wrong. Meditation is the best way to cure anxiety issues, impulsive behavior, and anger problems. No matter how worse the situation gets do you ask yourself - is anger worth sacrificing our peace and sanity. One impulsive decision can destroy a lot of frames of life. On the other hand, the real self of a person is reflected when he is angry. Personality is developed over time but the nature of a person is acquired by their roots.


Their behavior, their reaction to a particular situation depends on the surroundings he has been living in. Nobody knows the reaction of the instant rush of blood in our body. One who develops control over becomes sane and human but one who doesn't know how to cope up with it becomes a murderer. In order to learn to cope up with their own emotions, a person has to first learn to respect the body and mind of ownself then only he will learn to respect the beings of this planet. It is the only way to connect the inner self and can learn to conduct our emotions in a better way.





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