Who is a Nutritionist? | Job of Nutritionist


Nutritionists and their jobs


A nutritionist is a person who tells someone about the right diet, which has to be taken by anyone, and it will affect the person's health in what ways. Their job is to design a proper health chart accordingly. Nutrition is most important for a healthy body. A nutritionist well knows how to keep control of anyone's health.


A nutritionist is not a qualified job for qualification dietitian is always present. Meanwhile, all of them should have good working skills, communication skills. They should be an active listener, quick responder. A nutritionist has to be very honest with his/her job as they are the ones who take proper care of the other person's diet. They should keep an update on everyone's progress. Always try to keep interacting with the client on a daily basis. A nutritionist gets an average salary of about 20-25K.


Eat good, be good :)



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