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One can trace the history of the food just like the history of humans


Talking about the history of food, one can easily extract the data since human evolution has started. It was not possible to live without food during that time and it is not possible to survive even today. During early days, when we talk about the Pre-Historic Era such as Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic, that represent the traces of early human ancestors (300,000 BC),  people used to hunt the animals and gather the fruits from the trees, and latterly they had started doing agricultural activities since Indus Valley Civilization had started right after the decline of Neolithic phase. Well, during the Neolithic Period, the agricultural activities had started already but it was Harappan Civilization that gave us the traces of proper agricultural activities. Wild barley and rice were their important ones.



Right after the decline of the Harappan Period, the Vedic Period started around 600 BC. It was the almost rural atmosphere during that period but since then, in India, the process of Agricultural activities had started.

Well, the history of food is as long as our human history is. The role of food has always been precious in our human life. Different kind of crops used to be brought from different-different places in India and our India is still rich in that context.

One needs to understand human history from its beginning to know how and why agriculture had started? What kind of fruit and animals our early ancestors used to eat? What kind of food did they use to prefer?



How dishes vary from one state to another?


India is a nation that is so vibrantly diverse and every state exhibits a different kind of culture, tradition, a way of life, language, and cuisine.

India has been very rich when we talk about the main ingredients of food, which are various spices. After the Mughal Period had declined, many foreign companies like Portuguese and some French has started coming over to India to colonize, and there they started trading the spices from India to their countries.



Since different-different states of India consist of people with different cultures, their way of living and cuisines have always been different too. As India is a country full of diversity and culture, the best part comes out that one can try the same dish but with different tastes and names that vary from states to states or one can say culture to culture.

Generally, every state of India plays a very eminent role when it comes to the cuisine but the famous cuisines are from: Hyderabad, Andhra-Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar-Pradesh, Punjab, Assam, Gujrat, and there are some states as well.



Every state of India has its own special food. Like Bihar has Litti Chokha, Karnataka has Bisibele Bath, Hyderabad has Biryani, and etc.

Well, these days there are already many restaurants that offer special food of different-different states. In Delhi, there are Bhawan of every state of India and they have their own canteen, loaded with their specialties. Then in Delhi, a place like Cannaught Place and Delhi Haat also have famous outlets from every state that offer special food, particularly famous in their states. 







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