How to Make Hariyali Chicken Tikka

Hariyali Chicken Tikka is a mouth-watering hors d'oeuvre formula which is very mainstream in Northern India and is best appreciated with some colorful plunges. This non-vegan formula is set up with succulent chicken bosoms marinated in the mixed blend of mint leaves, coriander leaves, curd alongside a melange of flavorsome flavors. Simple to get ready at home, this canapé formula would be cherished by everybody in your home. One can serve this ideal tidbit formula on events like social affair parties, birthday gatherings or kitty parties. Have a go at making this luscious starter formula throughout the end of the week and charm your companions or relatives with it's mouth-watering taste and your stunning cooking aptitudes.  Basic Requirement needed for making chicken haryali tikka, lets have a look-


1. Firstly we will be needing 3 chicken bosoms 

2.  Secondly we will add 1 teaspoon powdered turmeric 

3.  Thirdly add 2 teaspoon dry mango powder 

4. 1/2 cup yogurt (curd) 

5. 1/2 cup coriander leaves 

6. 2 green bean stew 

7. 2 teaspoon red bean stew powder 

8. 3 teaspoon garam masala powder 

9. 2 teaspoon cumin powder 

10. salt as required we will be adding

11. 1/2 cup mint leaves 

12. refined oil as required 


Step by step instructions to make Hariyali Chicken Tikka 

Stage 1 

In a processor, include coriander leaves, mint leaves and green chilies. Crush them on a rapid for a couple of moments till you accomplish a smooth glue. In an enormous bowl include this glue alongside curd, turmeric powder, red bean stew powder, garam masala powder, dry mango powder, cumin powder, salt and pepper. Blend well and after that add the chicken pieces to it. 

Stage 2 

Ensure that the chicken pieces have a notwithstanding covering of this blend. Keep it aside and marinate for least 30 minutes. Warmth the griller now and sprinkle some oil over it. Spot the marinated chicken pieces on it and flame broil them till they divert dark colored from every one of the sides. 

Stage 3 

Your hariyali chicken tikka is currently prepared. Expel from the griller and serve hot alongside some tart chutney and cut onions.

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