Four myths about fruits you should be done away with right now

Fruits are nutritious and filling, no doubt about that. They are popular for their many health benefits. But there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding their intake. From various do's and don'ts, amidst every "avoids it if you are a diabetic," to "don't eat them before bed".

Here are the top four myths about fruits that you should stop believing already.

1)You should eat fruits within six hours after waking up: 

It is a general belief that since our metabolic rate decreases around midday, having foods rich in sugar like fruits helps raise the blood sugar levels, thus 'activating' one's digestive system. But the truth is that our digestive system is able to digest food anytime, with or without fruits. So, no matter the time of the day, fruits are good for your health.


2)Don't consume fruits if you've diabetes

It's purely a myth that diabetics shouldn't eat fruits since they are "too sweet" in nature and can give rise to sugar levels in the blood. But, that is just not how it works. Contrary to common belief, fruits do not drastically raise our blood glucose levels as they have quite low to medium glycemic indices.In fact, a balanced intake of fruits and veggies, since both are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, can help you manage diabetes.


3)You should not eat fruits before you go to bed: 

Some people tend to believe that eating fruits before bed, may result in putting on weight since they increase blood sugar levels. But the truth is that just like other times of the day, our body continues burning fat during night time also.


4)You can have as many numbers of fruits in a day as you want to: 

Many people do really think that as fruits are comparatively low in calories, you can have as many of them as possible.Well sadly, the truth is no. Since fruits contain simple sugars and a fair share of calories, these might lead to weight gain, if and only when eaten in excess quantities. Remember that moderation and regulation to everything is the key. So, eat your fruits, just be careful of the portions of every particular of them.

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