Stop Excessive Sand Mining | Effects of Sand Mining from River Beds

Nature has its own regulations and limitations. When a man tries to push the limitations of nature, it turns disastrous for each living being in one way or the other. Excessive sand mining is one instance that proves that man is fiddling with the norms and laws of nature. Nevertheless, excessive sand mining from the river beds creates "environmental havoc" in different ways- Because of excessive sand mining river stream changes, flooding is caused due to shifting in river beds, bridges above rivers collapse because sand shifts from underneath the base of the bridge whenever heavy rainfall takes place. Supreme Court has already banned excessive sand mining from the river beds in the year 2019.


The plea alleged that illegal sand mining across the country has damaged the environment. The plea was filed by M. Alagarsamy with the concern of needed environmental factors. The bench told Prashant Bhushan, the lawyer of petitioner M. Alagarsamy that they should move to high court first so that they can carry out better judgment and decide properly. Every year a similar plea is filed against illegal sand mining from the river beds to ensure ecological balance. Still hundreds of trucks in a small district of Jharkhand named "Koderma" carries excessive sand from river beds without any legal permission, or without giving a second thought to nature as well as concerned law. Who is to be blamed for this? Why does not the state government keeps track of these illegal businesses being carried out every day, causing major harm to the environment? Is the government that ignorant of these important issues which actually need serious attention or government have had their hands dirty with these corrupt people around us?




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