Nounhot Season of the Year

Nounhot Season of the Year


The king of seasons: " The Summer Season” but why is it called so?


This is because it is the only time when people can hung out with their family and friends and can be blessed with the king of fruits ”Mango”. But nowadays summer is something everyone wants to get rid of. This is because of the growing humidity and temperature in the land. We all complain a lot about this happening and hate the king of seasons.



But have we ever wondered the reason behind this?

It’s clearly us. The advance demanding humans who for their growth and need build the nations without the nature. Who wants modernization so dedicatedly that they can ignore the sustainability? Who thinks of a green future by inviting a red storm. Why people only complain sitting at their homes and doing nothing in practical. Why they frustrate and criticize but not help?


According to the recent air quality index report shows that there has been tremendous change in the amount of particles present per unit area as compared to the last year. It is highly toxic for the weaker and senior sections of the society. We need to put in masks and scarfs so as to protect from respiratory infections.


Earlier people used to come to the cities to discover the world. But today we book the tickets for hill stations and scenic beauties to learn nature and escape the metro. Why?


Today we need to understand as why we expect something when are capable of doing something that we can actually do by ourselves. If we can cut down a tree then, why we cannot plant a sapling? We should not only focus on our growth but also to something who is protecting us since we born.


There are certain things in our day to day activity which we can do to make our own lives better.

  1. Keeping small in house gardens at every houses
  2. Travelling through public transport when alone
  3. Use of natural air purifiers like aloevera plant
  4. Keeping special places for smoking

Let’s spread this to our people and understand the risks of our own health. Let’s come up with the thought of saving ourselves. Plant a sapling and save the life.

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