No One Is Born as a Criminal

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future –

Oscar Wilde Criminals are those who did offence against the individual or the State. But no person is born as a criminal. There are certain reasons behind it, whether it's because of their circumstances or dearth or they aren't able to sedate themselves in particular situations or sometimes it becomes their addiction. Sometimes It is a fallacy that criminals will always repeat their offence and they are usually defenestrated from Societies. But we are required to carefully treat them and give them the chance to start a new life again.


Our benevolent nature acts like toddy tapper hatchet because many a time these offenders are exasperated by people around them. They are not able to remain Panglossian as a result of which they commit such offences. Due to our behavior towards every offender, there is an escalation in the rate of crime, and even crime by teenagers is also increased. We need to consolidate them and try to be benevolent to them. This type of behavior or kindness is mostly for first-time offenders and we need to understand the situation. People can't forgive those who commit heinous crimes because somehow they become addicted to the crime that these things won't change their mindset.


The teenagers who are observing crime around them and they somehow developed a criminal mentality. There is the probability that they would also choose such activities and will also engage in crime. But if they would be given proper guidance then they can also become the salt of the earth. We are required to develop understanding towards people and situations that when we are required to stand for justice, when to be harsh and when to be benevolent towards offenders. As it is astonishing to see how the teenagers are also committing a crime and the escalation in such cases.





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