Fishing ban from June 1 to July 31 on Maharashtra coast

The main reason behind the ban is as the monsoon is imminent, causing strong wind and high waves to unbalance the boat due to which boats are prone to accidents. Due to the accidents many fishermans have to lose their life some may survive but therefore practising fishing should be banned so that fishers won’t go in the sea for fishing.



As even June-July is known as breeding season for fishes, so the fishing activities are to be banned from day after tomorrow i.e June 1 to July 31(for 2 months) so that fishes can breed and all the try(baby fishes) can grow, so that there can in increase in the number of fishes and indeed this will help in balancing the nature. Traditional small boats are allowed to carry out fishing in shallow water near the coast is weather allows them. Boats are advised to restrain from over-fishing. Kolis living in Versova pulled their boats to anchor last week. Now due to the ban the prices of fishes will rise and the prices will be depended on people’s demand.



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