Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic to the Mother Earth


Is it true that this pandemic has ruined everything? On one hand where life has paused and everyone seems to enjoy their time with their loved ones, simultaneously mother earth is healing like never before. We can see animals coming out on the roads roaming freely, fresher air, recovery of nature and environment around us.

Humans have caused a lot of pain to mother earth, may be this is her way of healing and also telling us know how much we have avoided the one, who is the reason for our existence. Here is a poem depicting the positive effects of COVID-19 and a message to the human race, for today and tomorrow : My city looks greener And air seems pure, Everyone thought its pandemic But it was a much needed cure.

For the mother earth Who cried for help, Which we callously ignored Where we read out the newspapers When we were mildly bored. Now we turn the pages And turn it twice, Hoping for some good news Gambling with our thoughts like a dice.

But again we ignore the message That mother earth wants to give, We were so busy chasing That we forgot to live. Live with the twinkling stars And the blooming flowers, In the world of free animals And not the streets filled with cars.

Nature is serving us in every form, It's a reminder to live in Balance And live with nature's norm. It's hard as most of us are caged And some in pain, But only message of mother earth is Don't let today's learning go in vain. So next time you take life casually think how those animals in cages feel like. Live and let live.

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