Play station or Playground?

Yes, technology has destroyed the playground to a certain extent. Not only the screens are harming the health of children but also the deficiency of socialising is affecting the development of children. They are not capable of solving the problem and are unable to share or express their problems. The children are the future of this world but they are somewhere misusing the powers provided by the digital world. Additionally, these playstations and screen games are contributing in destroying the abilities of children. They just surf and dwell on websites which makes them lazy. Children these days have used these gadgets in negative way. Technologies provide them with instant answers and hence they are addicted of spoon feeding. Playgrounds are not used much. 


But contrary to this people think that technology has not destroyed the playground but has given the oppurtunity to the child to make a world where they can feel wanted. These days children bully each other but on playstation they can behave and play as they want. Also, in elementary schools where cell phones are not allowed, children do play in playgrounds during recess. Children have joined sports complex to play thier favourite sports their. They are going out to exercise.


Both the parts are contrary to each other. The judicial and correct way of using technologies is to use it when there is a serious need for it and you don't have any other option. In this era every child has a need of technology which is not harmful until it is used correctly. They should be allowed to use playstation with some restrictions and should be taught all the advantages of playground.

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