#JCBKiKhudai, the new trending hashtag


People might have noticed the new heaped hashtag that has suddenly gone viral within couple of days. #JCBKiKhudai is the top trending hastag nowadays on twitter with endless hilarious memes spread all over the social media like a wildfire. But the question of concern here is why is the hastag so much in trend? Well the answer required much of digging to clarify the reason behind the viral JCB trend. Actually, the hastag was born after a guy posted a twitter video of a groom intruding his wedding on an excavator.


Also, you must have noticed how people gather around whenever they see an excavator digging nearby. It has been observed how excavator's digging video is viral on YouTube. Most of the videos get millions of views within days of upload which signifies how Indians irrelevently enjoy watching the yellow machine dig the dirt out so much that it has become a meme content for most of the people.


The viral hashtag has cluelessly brought fame and promoted the brand JCB, to which the compant recentlt tweeted, "We are truly humbled by the love shown for JCB in India today, with #JCBKiKhudai trending across the country! Thank you to our customers and fans for your enthusiasm and support! With @JCBIndiaLtd, you can #ExpectMore. #JCBkikhudayi "


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