Two Series worth watching this weekend

In the middle of hustle and bustle of life,everyone needs to do something for entertainment . Here are two one of the trending series to watch this weekend.


Netflix has dropped first season of Leila with 6 episodes and the series has become widely popular. Huma Qureshi starrer series is set in future in the year 2050 and fictionally depicts birth of a new nation “Aryavarta” . In Aryavarta the society has segregated into different sectors and taken new turns into “purity and pollution ”.Shalini ,the main character who is a Hindu as played by Huma Qureshi marries a muslim man Rizwan played by Rahul Khanna and has a daughter Leila. Their house is raided by repeaters and kills Rizwan taking away Leila.The government takes away the kids who are “mixed blood “ .


The show moves forward and depicts the struggle of Shalini in finding Leila.The show is all set to have next season however,the last episode leaves us with confusion and much anticipation.Fans are already asking about season 2.Although second season hasn't yet been confirmed by Netflix, but dates and confirmation will soon be made.


Chernobyl is a mini series by HBO which is based on Chernobyl nuclear disaster that happened in 1986 in the Soviet Union.The show documents the series of events that took place before and after the accident. The mini series on one of the worst man made catastrophe has received a 9.6 ImDb rating and is becoming widely popular as a “must watch”. The nuclear disaster which eventually claimed thousands of lives has been depicted justifiably by the series.


Chernobyl has been a ghost city since 1986 and turned into a “tourist site” . Ever since,the miniseries became popular ,the bookings for the tour of Chernobyl has sky rocketed.Although,several controversies were also brought with images of people taking “selfies” and “bikini shoot” disrespecting the people who died ,people on internet have been calling visitors to respect the site.However,the series is the perfect thing to watch this weekend.

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