All must be knowing how to search on Google but do you know how to search like a PRO

  • "QUOTATION MARK "  - "I love you mom"

Use quotation marks when you want to search for exactly the same word.

  • -DASHES - dolphins-football

If you want to exclude a particular term from the search then just add a hyphen before the word.

  • ~TILDE - music~classes

Use tilde when you also want the synonym of the searched word to appear in the result.

  • site:  -

Use this operator before when you are searching for a website.

  • |VERTICLE BAR - shirt|pant|skirt

Using | will search for the website having such 2-3 words in it.

  • ..TWO PERIODS - movies 1999..2019

If you add two periods between two numbers then it will search within two number ranges.


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