Nick Jonas Assure Trollers That Priyanka Chopra Knows His Age With A Hilarious Reply

It is surely not easy being one of the most popular celebrity couples in the world and who knows it better than Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. While they have millions of fans who absolutely adore whatever they do, they are also millions of trollers who do not let any opportunity to troll them for the silliest of the things. Recently, Priyanka and Nick were trolled once again when Priyanka in a post mentioned Nick’s age to be 27.


The internet troll came at Priyanka instantly and reminded her that Nick is still 27 and ‘Priyanka Chopra does not know Nick Jonas’ age’ became the ultimate troll material for the netizens. However, Nick is not the one let things lying low and he posted this hilarious meme on his story to let answer back. Nick clarified that since he will soon turn 27 on September 16th, which is just a few days away, Priyanka is not really wrong.


Even Priyanka reposted the meme and simply captioned it ‘Nuf said’, There are a thousand things that Nick and Priyanka do for each other that warms our hearts and re-defines couple goals, but we especially love how this power couple stands up for each other every time trolls target them, which let’s face it, happens at an alarming rate.

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