Why You Should Never Watch Pirated Films?


Why You Should Never Watch Pirated Films?

In this article, I will not go into legality but instead talk about what issues might arise if we watch pirated films. There are many online platforms on which we can watch movies and films for entertainment purposes. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. These platforms are paid. We need to pay on a monthly or yearly basis in order to watch films or TV shows. But, as we all know, those same films and TV shows can be viewed online on pirated websites free of cost. This is where the problem begins. In this digital world, information transfer is a primary part of every person's life.


Information like messages, photos, videos is transferred to other people. One can also upload their picture on social media platforms for everyone to see. Information, sometimes, can also get leaked and might reach into the wrong hands. We are aware of the fact that one can upload any copyrighted material online unless it gets a copyright strike. Talking about entertainment, we all watch films, TV shows almost every day to escape from boredom and the monotonous routine of life. Watching films and shows give a sense of enjoyment to the audience and also they can learn new things from it. The problem arises when a pirated website uploads movies on the internet for everyone to watch. First of all. Making and producing a film or a TV show is a lengthy process that includes scriptwriting, shooting, editing, video making, and so on. It is something behind which a lot of hard work goes in and also many months or even years are spent while doing so.


And then the audience watches it for free of cost without any credit going to the makers or the actors of the film. This is ethically wrong. The makers and actors should deserve the pay for their hard work. This is not the only reason. There are many other disadvantages also. Imagine if maximum people started watching pirated movies. What would happen? the site which displayed the movies will get revenue from the ads they run on the site. Which is also morally wrong. The other thing which will happen is that the makers would not get enough money comparing to their budget and they may get into a loss. By this creators might stop making films and shows because they could realize that there is no point if they are going into loss. Lastly, I'd like to address to the people reading this that to kindly not watch pirated shows or movies. Instead, pay for it on legal websites or online platforms. This will give proper deserved credit to the makers as well as they will be motivated to produce more amazing content as well.




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