Avoid People with these type of Characters



These are the people who are mean and rude to others. They treat other people in a very harsh way without taking account on how much they can hurt others. Words like “sorry” and “Thank you” don’t exist in their vocabulary. These people can either be unkind through their words or their actions. They can also be considered as oppressors.


The ‘Self’ People; self-centered, self-importance

They always consider themselves being more important than others. They only care about themselves, they care less for others as long as they are satisfied. They are very opinionated, and want their opinions to be taken into consideration always. They can be arrogant as they can consider themselves to be better than others.



Pride can be good when it comes to loving and accepting yourself but if it’s overdone it can be destructive. It can lead a person to look down on others and not have respect for them. A proud person doesn’t have a sense of humor at all. They always pretend to know everything and don’t want to learn. They care so much of the image that they are trying to portray to others. They always like to be the center on attention as it makes them feel powerful.


Always Negative

These people are always finding reasons of why things can’t be done, not optimistic and they are always satisfied with being comfortable than trying something new. They are reluctant to change. They are always focused on the problem or what could go wrong, rather than the solution. They are always critical and judgmental of others who do things that they don’t approve.



They take advantage of other people’s kindness and goodness. They create a relationship with someone because of what they can do for them, as soon as they get what they want; they are on their way. They can be able to influence and control others to do whatever they want them to do. They can be very good liars and pretenders, as they need you trust them.


There is a saying that says, “Birds of the same feathers flock together”, so be careful who you hang around with, as it’s very possible for their character to rub off on you.

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