Why We Should Read The Book "Chanakya Neeti" ?


We all want to live a life with dignity but don't know what to do exactly. Chanakya Neeti lay down the values to conduct themselves in a way like a King or Noblemen. Chanakya was the Kingmaker and a person of high intellect but he too bows down to God. In his Chanakya Neeti, he writes "First and foremost, I bow my head to Lord Vishnu." Most of the time, we see that people remember God during their hardships. They mostly ask something from God or complaints about their situation. But how many among us say thanks to god for everything or show our gratitude towards him?


Swami Chinmayanda suggested that if we remember God at the beginning then the whole journey will be beautiful and we will never see any situation as a problem. When we are having faith in high power then it will give us the power to overcome problems without complaining about the situation. Chanakya was a great scholar and he wrote great scriptures such as Arthashastra. We can't read all scriptures to learn from Chanakya's wisdom. But we can read the simplified Chanakya Neeti which is the gist of all his knowledge. So, we all should read the book "Chanakya Neeti" as it is the very essence of Chanakya's immense wisdom in simple language which is easy to understand and follow.





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