Manifestation: A Technique Used to Attract Anything You Desire

I talked about this to our spiritual teacher in a prestigious meditation camp somewhere in the lap of Tibet. He said, “Do you think such a powerful process can be easily shared with everyone? Can you imagine what would happen if it goes in the wrong hands? People with wrong intentions will use it in all types of destructive ways. Only those are eligible who are pure at heart”. He told us a story: Once a businessman heard about a self-realized sage in the marvelous Himalayas. He somehow reached there and served the sage for many months. After many months, the sage was happy with his service hence he asked, “I am happy with your service and so, tell me about one of your wishes I can fulfill”.


The business person said, “I want the power to manifest. My business is not expanding as I want. I want my wishes to be fulfilled so that after that I can focus on spirituality”. Guruji said: “Okay, I can share that process with you. However, there are some conditions otherwise it would not work.” The businessman agreed and Guru Ji informed him: “I will whisper a mantra in your ears. Chanting this mantra will gradually purify your mind and help you reach a mystical state near the source of creation for long hours.


After coming back to a normal state, the first thought which will appear in your mind, if you completely focus on that with intense emotions, it will manifest in your life.” The businessman was delighted and he learned the process with great sincerity. He returned home and started practicing the mantra with the prescribed rituals. Gradually, he started mastering it and he started entering mystical meditative states but for a very short duration; hence, was unable to manifest. One day, he spent long hours in that state and felt immense bliss. After returning, he was so blissful that he forgot to focus on any wish.


The next day, he acted smart and kept a piece of paper to remind him to focus on his wish. After he returned to his normal state, again he was feeling so blissful and complete in himself that he did not even look at the paper. On the third day, he did not even want to open his eyes. But, when he opened his eyes, tears started rolling down his cheeks. He had realized his true self. He felt the immensity of who he really is. He started crying out of joy and felt immense gratitude for his Guru.


He realized that all the things he wanted to manifest earlier were only inflated desires of his dissatisfied mind. Those were not really needed to live a happy life. He had the power of manifesting anything, but he was in an absolute sense of fulfillment already. Hence, he never felt like lacking anything. Any desire to amend the current situation or consciously manifest anything was out of the question because he was in a witnessing mode and he was enjoying life as it was. For the rest of his life, he enjoyed each moment with a sense of gratitude & satisfaction. Whatever was needed to maintain his blissful state, came his way automatically without even desiring for it.


The universe only gives such powers to those, who are responsible enough to handle it. I have learned two things from this short tale: A restless mind can only attract chaos, hence only calm & peaceful mind which can remain in thoughtless-ness for a significant time can have that focus to manifest anything. When we feel a lack of something, that is what we are attracting in our lives. If we will be in a sense of gratitude & satisfaction, we will attract more reasons to be happy.




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