Handwriting Analysis:The change in handwriting has a greater change in the person


The change in handwriting has a greater change in the person. The handwriting describes the character of the person. It is called Graphology. It reflects the person's attitude as well. 

For e.g. When the person writes MR Script, They are one type of person. They are straight forward and have good analytical skill. They will think logically and write accordingly without scribbling. When the person writes slanting, The person is flexible and has no analytical skill but will be ready to take the risk. When the person writes the letter with a gap, they are very hardworking and careful in making any decision. Graphology is not for fun. It helps people to identify the character of the person. 


The basic analysis of handwriting 

1. Take a sample of the person's handwriting 

2. Look at the pressure of the strokes 

3. Check the slant of the strokes 

4. Look at the baseline and size of the letter 


There are three types of writing 

1. Upward writing 

2. Downward writing 

3. wavy writing 


The attitude of the person 

1. Upward writing: They are optimism and happy mood 

2. Downward writing: They are a sign of discouragement and fatigue

3. Wavy writing that moves up and down could mean an unstable or uncertain person. 


Some people write a large letter which shows the person is outgoing and extrovert. 

Writing in the small letter means the person is reclusive, introvert or thrifty. 

When the person writes the letter like crams, it means he is self-conscious and introvert. 

If the person drags the letter out, he/she is independent and generous. 

Hence, handwriting plays a very important role in person's life. Not necessary everyone writes beautifully or neatly. These articles explain the behavior of the person and their character. As the person improves the handwriting, their attitude improves and change their personality. 

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