Ethical hacking is not hacking

Hacker is like a stranger who invade our personal space. Until concept of ethical hacking came into picture hacking was only a crime. On today’s date also many people are unaware of ethical hacking. For them there is no difference between hacking and ethical hacking.


We heard that someone’s Facebook account is hacked or twitter account is hacked. Hackers are who uses our account without our wish.  When our younger sibling uses our account without our wish, it can’t be  a hacking! Hackers are not limited up to Facebook or Twitter account, they can   even hack bank’s server. Just think if bank’s server is hacked then it will be a huge problem. Hacking is one type of digital robbery. Hacking is a crime.

Ethical hacking

Suppose we have a lot of money then it depends on us how it can be utilized. Someone can donate it and do a noble deed. Someone can waste it in doing self- harming     things. God is gifted all of us, it depends on individuals how he or she looks at it. Hackers and ethical hackers both have skill of hacking. But there is difference, ethical hackers do not use their skill in troubling anyone. Hackers gave rise to ethical hackers. Vaccines, antidotes are made by the same virus which cause disease. Ethical hackers are hired by companies for   their website’s security.

How ethical hackers work

Companies which hire ethical hackers, also give permission to hack their databases. There is always a loop hole which chance to hackers to hack any system. Ethical hackers find out this loop hole   before the hackers. Once ethical hackers do their job then hackers become helpless.

 As ethical hackers done security check, hacking is not going to happen.

How to be an   Ethical hackers

There is no any age, education requirements to be an ethical hackers. When a company give permission for security check, it is a responsible job. An ethical hacker who got the knowledge of hacking by internet, try and error method can do security check. But a certified one can do that job of  with more efficiency.


Knowledge matters

Once you are certified hacker then also it is not like that you do your job efficiently. A non-certified ethical hacker can also do security check better than certified one. The reason behind is knowledge.  Remember knowledge matters in this field. Certified ethical hackers are always on priority but knowledge   is dominant.

Basic knowledge

To be an ethical hacker is not simple as it looks. It comes under information technology, cybersecurity. If you have some basic knowledge about it then it is well and good.

But if not then read information technology’s books of 8th’9th standards. To have basic knowledge will be beneficial in training and make it easier. If you are a science student then you can do B tech computer science, B.Sc. IT. This will helps you to rise above the basics. If you are not science student then BCA is one option to enhance the knowledge in hacking world.


To get training we can take help of internet. On it you can get many of websites offering training of ethical hacking. EC Council website is the good website to be trained. This is world-wide famous website, by this you can be trained easily.


Ethical hackers have bright future nowadays. Digitalization will give demand to ethical hackers. They are cyber experts as the internet is spreading tremendously their demand will also grows. They will have lot of scope in this digital world.


Every job have some requirements to be fulfilled to accomplish it. Salary is subjective thing. It is not like that you completed a specific course or any degree you will be paid a specific salary. With the scope there is competition also. So whose skill are at to the point they will grab good salary.    

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