Students lookup on examinations with the contempt they make all possible efforts to avoid them. Educationalists are against them and they are thinking of abolishing them. Criticize find fault with them. In spite of contamination from all quarters, examinations persist. They seem indispensable in Every Walk of life they are like Milestone on the road to education and life. Examinations are not necessarily lead the sure test of the ability of the students but they are the judges from what they perform in their exams sometimes the most brilliant students are not able to do justice in such a short duration.


On the contrary, a student who has not touched the books the whole year gets good marks because all the questions we prepared just before the examination were asked. Shakespeare never passed any examination at his works have won worldwide recognization. The world's greatest scientist Einstein, father of the atomic age field in mathematics. Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru have not recorded Breakers at the University do their personalities shook the whole world. Examinations 2 determine the value of the majority of the students, but the genius has often proved misfit at the examinations. With all the faults examinations are an incentive too hard work and they are indeed a necessity because it is the only fear of the examination that makes students work hard. Examinations are a necessary evil. It is not possible to do without them. They will remain in one form or the other. After all, this life is a long examination and we have to take it and accept it the way it comes to us and the way it treats us.





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